Delta State Fighting Okra: My New Favorite Sports Team

Fighting Okra vs. Statesman Mascots
Statesmen or Fighting Okra:
Which Would You Pick?


In Cleveland, Mississippi, just west of Highway 61, is Delta State University, home of the Fighting Okra. I know there are a number of eccentric sports mascots these days, but really, could anything be cooler than the Fighting Okra? In my personal pantheon of athletic whimsy, they’ve now replaced my former co-favorite college sports mascots, the Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels and the Richmond Spiders.

Fighting Okra lapel pin, Delta State University

Their official nickname is The Statesmen, which is woefully short on panache. So in 1988, a group of DSU students came up with the idea for the Fighting Okra as the new (unofficial) mascot. Throw in The World’s Most Annoying Pep Band, and Delta State has obviously got a great attitude.

Well, this is an audio blog, not an okra blog, so let’s have a taste of the Marching Okra Band:

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  1. I was just wondering about okrasonic yesterday! So glad to get this. The Fighting Okra is my new favorite team!

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